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Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website. I understand you are very busy people there at StartJG.

I hope you enjoyed my parcel, and could spare a little extra time looking at my portfolio to see if I am someone you feel could excel at StartJG.



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Hannah Britt

Hello StartJG.

I have a passion for branding and packaging. I believe a brand is more than a logo and colour scheme. It’s a smell, a touch, a taste, a sight, a sound, and a memory. All these features and more make up the foundation of a successful brand.

I sent my AlphaPeg box to you, as I wanted you to have a feel for just one of my brands I have created, rather than just tell you about it. I hope you can accept it as my submission to be considering for your graduation scheme.

I also believe you would like to hear about my most memorable brand experience. This was a difficult decision, between brands such as Disney (a brand for a lifetime), Harry Potter (from books, to films, to an experience), Coca Cola’s beat box at the Olympics, all of which I have plenty to talk about. However, I’ve decided to choose a more personal, smaller scale brand experience, which has had just as must lasting impression on me.

Bulmer’s, with its ‘Awake your summer side’ campaign in 2010, which was perfectly situated at Summer Sundae Festival, has always stayed with me as a great brand experience. The campaign consisted of a fenced off area of the festival, in which held picnic tables, chairs, beanbags and two bars. We were welcomed by some friendly faces of Bulmer’s, before receiving a free sample of Bulmer’s and got to watch a live band whilst enjoying the Bulmer’s experience. During this time we were also encouraged to play games and competitions in which you could win Bulmer’s merchandise. Now when I drink Bulmer’s, it reminds me of Summer Sundae Festival 2010, which is an experience I would love to live over.

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